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Orchid Park Secondary School DSA (Visual Art) Outreach 2018
21 Jul 2018, Saturday
9.30 am to 10.30am
AVA Room

Those interested to attend this talk and school tour, please register by emailing your name and mobile number to woon_sher_lin_sheralyn@moe.edu.sg by 18 July 2018 


ARTOPIA * seeks to deliver an integrated “whole brain” Orchid Park (OP) schooling experience that is Accessible to all students, Relevant to students, Talent- and interest-driven, Integrated and carried out in a Authentic context supported by partnerships:-

*The essence of the name is aligned to MOE C2015 Vision, OPSS Strategic Direction and actuated in the Art Department Strategic Plan and Curriculum Framework.


Art is everywhere, for everyone in OPSS  

OPSS believes that art is not just for elites, but also for the everyone.
Hence, the school makes a deliberate attempt to create an ambience for all students to immerse in and appreciate the Visual Arts. This is aligned to OPSS vision of nurturing ‘ cultured’  young man and women. In terms of school environment, currently there is the Open Gallery, a three-level gallery that showcases students’ artwork and the Art Hub, an open-concept classroom cum paint studio that doubles as an art demonstration space and interaction area for Art related discussion.



Art is part of life

As explained in the earlier section, Visual Arts is highly relevant in that it develops students in a well-rounded manner and prepares them for the future. Furthermore, the Visual Arts programme is underlined by Constructivist education ideology, which is in line with MOE PETALS framework.


Actualized Talents

The school offers Art as an elective to students who are interested to broaden their knowledge in Art. These students will be groomed to participate in local art competitions and their artwork will be exhibited in the school for the benefit of the general student population. Visits to outstanding local and overseas visual arts schools and institutions will be organized to promote interest in the visual arts whereby student participants will share their learning with the school upon their return. 

Besides promoting an interest and awareness of Art through exhibitions, trips and sharing, the Art curriculum is designed to give all DSA students exposure to the various media in Art. This enables students to discover their strength and interest in a particular medium or form of Art.


Art is holistic

In OPSS, there is a natural integration of Art with National Education (NE), Innovation & Enterprise (I&E), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Service Learning (SL). ICT is infused in with the introduction of Digital Art as an additional art medium to be included in the lower secondary Art Instructional Programme. There is also integration with English, Science and ICT department programmes.



Art is an integral part of society

The context for Visual Arts education is made authentic as far as possible. Opportunities are made available for students to use Art as a channel to perform Service Learning so as to enable students to appreciate the relevance of Art. Art making and activities are not positioned as isolated activities within the walls of the art room. But the teachers help pupils to construct personally pertinent meaning from their art making experiences, and link to the larger social context so as to develop their responsiveness and sense of responsibility as a member of the society.