Orchid Park Secondary School

Entering secondary school is an exciting phase in one's life. We make some of our best friends, have many new experiences and most of all, lay the foundation for our future.

In these crucial years, one's opportunities can be life-changing. That is why here at Orchid Park, we do our best to provide a varied and eye-opening education experience for our students. We send our students out to the community, to higher institutes of education - sometimes overseas - sometimes to workplaces. They learn about life, and about themselves. Our students represent us at many competitions, clinching, at times, the top awards. They pursue their passions through special interest groups.

It is our belief that every student deserves our best; it is our hope that every student will soar.

Onward and persevere!

Mr Shawal Bin Hussin


Orchid Park Secondary School

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