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Applied Learning Programme


1. All DSA (Visual Arts) applicants should have a keen interest in Visual Arts.

2. All applicants should exhibit a positive attitude and commitment towards learning.                   They should also have the same positive attitude about the Visual Arts.

3. All DSA (Visual Arts) applicants will be required to take a Visual Art task for DSA admission consideration. As this is DSA for Visual Art, there will be no General Academic Ability Tests administered. 

4. Interviews will be conducted for shortlisted applicants. During the interview, other evidence of visual art talent, such as portfolios of the applicant’s original artwork, should be showcased to the interview panel. Please bring the originals only.

5. All students enrolled through DSA will be members of the CCA, Art Club. They are expected to remain in the Art Club throughout their secondary education with OPSS. 

6. All DSA students must offer Art as an elective subject at national level examinations in secondary 4. There will be an interim review on their progress in art at the end of secondary 1, and again at secondary 2. Their art results will be closely monitored. Parents will be kept informed of their progress, especially at the upper secondary level.

7. All DSA students will participate in special projects and service learning under Art Department’s social outreach. All DSA students are expected to participate fully in the Talent Development Programme and the Applied Learning Programmes. All DSA (Express) students (at secondary 3) will also participate in Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) special projects organised for all EAP schools by the Arts Education Branch, Student Development Curriculum Division, MOE.


1. Application

Interested students can download, complete and submit the hardcopy application form. The form can be downloaded here

Submission with supporting documents should be made in person/by courier to: 

Orchid Park Secondary School 
10 Yishun Street 81 
Singapore 768454
Fax: 6758 8770
Attn: Direct School Admission


Supporting documents: 

a.    The applicant’s school examination results from Primary 5 to 6 

b.    Achievements in Art (exhibitions, competitions and/or art-related awards) 

c.    Portfolio reproduction* (This include photographs of artworks done by the applicant, either in hardcopy printout of softcopy in a CD-R) 

d.    Referral / recommendation letter by school (if any) 

*Do not submit actual portfolio for application. The actual portfolio should be shown when the applicant sits for the Visual Art task or during the interview. 

Applicants may begin submitting their application from 7 May 2018.

Last date for submission of DSA application:   13 August 2018 (Monday) 5 pm.  

2. Appointment for Visual Art task and/or interview

All applicants will be informed of the date for the Visual Art task test and/or interview.   

In event that the applicant is unable to sit for the Visual Art task test and/or attend the interview on the appointed date, the parent/guardian should call the school at 6759 8547 ext 205 (Ms Phoon Yin Mei, Kiki) or ext 106 (Mdm Valar) in advance to make a new appointment.  

3. Results of Application

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their DSA application by early September. 


Successful DSA-Sec candidates are not allowed to participate in the S1 Posting Exercise.  They are also not allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the PSLE results.  They are expected to honour the commitment to the OPSS during the duration of the programme they are admitted to.  

4. Contact Person

Ms Sheralyn Woon
Key Personnel overseeing DSA (Visual Art)