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Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P)


To improve parental skills, knowledge and confidence as well as the quality of building a stronger parent-child relationships. It aims to gives parents simple and practical strategies they can adapt to suit own values, beliefs and needs and prevent behavioural, emotional, skills and developmental problems in children.

Programmes Offered

1. Triple P (Level 2): Three 90-minute seminars – Seminars are conducted in a FIXED SEQUENCE 
2. Triple P (Level 3): Delivered as brief face-to-face intervention with a trained Triple P service provider. Approximately four individual consultations of up to 45 minutes. 
3. Triple P (Level 4): Group + Individual Telephone Sessions 
4. Triple P Online (Level 3 & 4):6 Modules

Any enquiries, please contact: 
Email: thrivepsp@amkfsc.org.sg


Programme Coordinator:
Ms Wanna Zhang 
HP: 9667 5614 (message only) 
Email: wanna@amkfsc.org.sg