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PSG Overview



  • To empower parents with better parenting skills through various parenting talks

  • To support OPSS students in enriching their learning journey in the school


  • To engage a positive partnership with the school


  • Working together with all parents, to contribute to the school in the learning journey of our children



The baton was passed to Mdm Kamisah Kassim to lead the PSG team.

 2015 - 2017  Mr Balbir Singh is re-elected as the Chairperson, supported by Ms Raspal Kaur as the Vice Chairperson. 
 2014 - 2015 The baton was passed to Mr Balbir Singh to lead the PSG team. 

2012 - 2013


Mr Steven Aw Yong is re-elected as the chairperson, supported by 16 PSG EXCO members.



The baton was passed to Mr Steven Aw Yong. He led the PSG with 13 EXCO members and gave PSG the name ‘FAITH’ that stands for:

  •   Faithfulness
  • Affirmation
  • Involvement
  • Trust
  • Harmony



PSG membership increased two folds to close to 300 under the leadership of Mr Tony Chua.



The baton was passed to Mr Kenneth Soh and 167 parents joined the PSG by the end of year 2007.



Parent Support Group was formed and led by  Mr Ben Lim , supported by 12 parent volunteers.

Design concept of the logo:

Parents, students and teachers work together like a windwheel to  rotate the collaborative relationships.



This is the winning entry for our PSG Logo Designing Competition from  Koh Kai Kiat from the class 1A2 (2010).

We welcome parents who are interested to join us in supporting the school and other parents in our children's education! 

You can download the application form here submit the hard copy to the school's General Office.

Alternatively,  Contact us at orchidparksec.psg@gmail.com