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O.P. Student Council

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OPSS Council Vision
Empowering servant leaders to make a difference for a better tomorrow. 

OPSS Council Mission
To cultivate confident and compassionate servant leaders who are committed to serving the school. 

OPSS Council Motto
“To Lead and to Serve”

OPSS Council Pledge
We, the councillors of Orchid Park Secondary School, pledge that:
We will be true to our mission, to lead and to serve our fellow students,
We will lead by example, to uphold the name of our school,
We will serve the school vision and creed, with honour and integrity at all times,
We will be exemplary in the discharge of our duties and responsibilities,
We will seek the support and co‐operation of the teachers and fellow students,
so as to enable us to achieve our mission.

What We Do
Student councillors in Orchid Park Secondary School contribute to making the school environment a conducive and welcoming one. Student councillors serve the school in various ways. They plan and execute daily routine school operations, thus maintaining orderliness and student discipline by guiding the student population on the appropriate behaviour required in school. They are ambassadors of the school during school events such as Parent Talks and Open House. They also serve as a voice to the student population, gathering feedback and relaying their suggested improvements to the school leaders. 
Through the organisation of school events such as Appreciation Day, Gratitude Project and Teachers’ Day Concert, student councillors learn leadership skills and personal effectiveness skills. They also pick up collaborative skills, and learn how to persuade and influence others while working with their committee members. Creativity, optimism and persistence when troubleshooting issues that arise in the course of their event preparation are required. As they juggle their studies, CCA and council duties, they will learn to plan, self-motivate and manage their time effectively. As they grow into confident and effective individuals, they will learn to lead the student population by setting a good example themselves. 
Training in leadership skills is provided at the half-yearly meetings, with booster sessions held every term. These training sessions are anchored on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership by James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner. Our student councillors learn the 5 Practices in a more in-depth manner through their journey in the Student Council. During their time in the Student Council family, they will learn to Inspire a Shared Vision, Enable Others to Act, Challenge the Process and Encourage the Heart as they grow into confident and effective individuals who can lead the student population by Modelling The Way.

Organization Chart 
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Code of Conduct of Councillors
At Orchid Park Secondary School, student councillors are specially selected student leaders.
They are expected to be premier student leaders and good role models to the rest of the student population.
All Student Councillors will have to:
a. Embody the ORCHID values of being Orderly, Respectful, Caring, Healthy, Innovative and Diligent
b. Perform council duties dutifully
c. Be dressed appropriately at all times 
d. Attend Student Council meetings
e. Adhere to School Rules
f. Submit assignments and other related school work promptly
g. Display exemplary behaviour
h. Perform well academically
i. Contribute actively to the Student Council

Key Events
The Student Council plans and executes school events such as Appreciation Day, Gratitude Project and Teachers’ Day. They also plan and run council events such as the Student Council Investiture which serves to initiate the junior councillors, provide a platform for the symbolic handing over of duties to a new batch of leaders, as well as to thank the graduating councillors. Every year, the Student Council also plans a day camp and farewell party which involves an in-house leadership training exercise, bonding games and an appreciation lunch for the graduating councillors. After a year of hard work, the student council then comes together on Bonding Day for a day of relaxation and fun that also helps to build rapport amongst councillors. In addition, councillors also work with their peers to plan and organise the Secondary One Orientation Camp as well as the school’s Graduation Night.

What does a Student Councillor do?

We Learn
The Student Councillor journey starts in secondary one, where we will undergo various workshops and training camp to learn what it takes to be a Student Councillor.


We Lead
Secondary two councillors are formally appointed to the student council during the Student Council Investiture. Over the next few years, student councillors will take the lead in

Organising school events such as the Teacher’s Day Concert, Appreciation day, The Gratitude Project, and Graduation Night. 


We Serve
A leader must also know how to serve. We do our part in serving the community through various community engagement projects with our external partners, such as Morning Star student care, and HCA Hospice.


We have Fun!

At the end of the day, we must also take time to have fun, and appreciate one another’s efforts in making our time in the student council a meaningful and memorable one.