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Environmental Education @ OPSS

 An OPSS community of concerned global citizens who make informed choices that contribute to a healthy and sustainable future.
 Spearheaded by our Environmental Club, the school will:

 1. Develop in staff and students an increased appreciation of the environment;
 2. Raise awareness amongst members of the OPSS community on key environmental issues;
 3. Instil a sense of personal responsibility for protecting and preserving the environment in            staff and students; and
 4. Provide appropriate platforms to encourage members of the OPSS community to act on            their environmental convictions.

Key Activities in 2017:

The activities below enabled staff and students to learn about the issues impacting the environment, as well as the actions they should take to improve and sustain it. Having acquired relevant knowledge and skills, the students participated in environmental projects and outreach programmes to the community.
 1.  Assembly Programme ‘Food Waste and Its Impact’ (April)
 2.  Outreach at Ang Mo Kio Library (April)
 3.  Celebrating Mothers’ Day (May; in collaboration with PSG)
 4.  Outreach at PCF Sparkletots Pre School (July)
 5.  Bright Spot Program (anti-littering program)
 6.  Youth for the Environment Day (YED)
 7.  Sec 1 Sungei Buloh Wetland Field Trip
 8.  Meat Free Day (September)
 9.  Car Lite Day (September)
 10. Greening for Biodiversity
 11. Sec 1 Ecogarden Trail (October)
 12. No Plastic Bag Day (October)
 13.  ABC Waters Learning Trail (October)