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Orchid Park Wind Orchestra

"Developing our students into confident, responsible and disciplined musicians and be recognized as one of the premier Secondary School Wind Orchestras in Singapore"

About the CCA

Orchid Park Wind Orchestra was founded in 1999 as an initiative from Orchid Park Secondary School to gather musically keen and inclined students to make music. Originally conceived as a Marching Band, the Band later took on the form of a Wind Orchestra and was renamed in 2005 to reflect our change in musical direction and our commitment towards performing serious wind literature and advocating works of local composers. 

The Orchestra, though tender in age, has performed at various school and national functions, as well as collaborating with many local Wind Bands in musical exchanges; helping us foster a closer relationship and partnership in music. 

The Orchestra also stages a series of concerts annually since 2002 – mainly Alla Marziale and OP. Concert . The Alla Marziale series is our family concerts where families of our musicians are highly encouraged to attend to understand the culture of the Orchestra. TheOP. (Opus) series showcases serious wind works and literature, where they inspire the musicians to break away from the norms and look at music from a different perspective. These concerts are instrumental in developing our musicians’ musicianship and gradually developing their personalities, characters and leadership skills in the learning process.

Message from Teacher IC

" The Wind Orchestra is like a family.  Performing regularly means a lot of hard work and dedicated musicians, but we have fun doing it and learn a lot along the way.  I am pleased to be able to work with this creative group. "

Student Executive Committee

Drum Major Teh Gui Hua 3S2
Concert Master Muhd Raihan 3B2


2011 SYF Silver
2010 SIBF Silver
2009 SYF Silver
2008 SYF Marching Display Silver
2008 National Band Competition Silver
2008 SIBF Silver
2007 SYF Silver
2006 National Band Competition Silver
2005 SYF Gold with Honour
2005 21st Century International Band Competition Gold with Distinction
2003 SYF CoP

Programmes & Activities

January 20, 2012 – Chinese New Year Celebration 
Venue: Orchid Park Secondary School Hall                                        

March 30, 2012 – Speech & Prize Giving Day 
Venue: Orchid Park Secondary School Hall                                        

Wednesday June 13, 2012 -  OP'us 
Venue: Republic Polytechnic

August 31, 2012 - Teacher's Day Celebration 
Venue: Orchid Park Secondary School Hall                                        

Friday November 23, 2012 -  Alla Marziale                                           
Venue: Orchid Park Secondary School Hall                                                             

January 2013 –  CCA Orientation 
Venue: Orchid Park Secondary School Parade Square