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About the CCA

OPSS CCA Netball was formed in 2015.  

OPSS Netball aims to ensure our girls develop good sportsmanship, acquire character-building and leadership skills through playing the game and interacting with fellow Netball players.  We will provide a holistic development for the Netballers through physical training, technical and tactical coaching, leadership growth as well as values inculcation.  This is to enable them to develop a passion for sports, recognize personal strengths and weaknesses and to have the resilience to perform to one’s best. We believe that every child has the potential to excel in the game if they are willing to work hard.

Message from Teacher IC

We are looking for girls who are passionate about Netball.  We welcome committed and teachable girls who have great determination to learn and achieve their fullest potential, We believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn and excel in the game of netball. The girls will be exposed to trainings, friendly matches ,competitions, and refereeing practices to develop their level of competencies and netball knowledge. The girls will also have the opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership capabilities through organising the Sec 1 CCA Orientation, Netball Camp,  Sports Carnival and Values-In-Action (VIA) projects. 

Through this holistic development, the girls will grow to be competent, disciplined and confident OPSS Netballers.

Student Executive Committee

Secondary 3:
Captain Woo En Yi 3A3
Vice - Captain Erin Kek 3A1
Executive Member Nur Nabilah 3A2
Executive Member Yasmeen 3B1
VIA IC Jolene Ang 3A2
Logistics IC Avelyn Chen 3A2

Secondary 2:
Captain Megan Poon 2A1
Vice - Captain Megan Khoo 2A3
Executive Member Sarah Lim 2B1
Executive Member Nelly 2A4
VIA IC Nur Eliza 2B2
 VIA 2ICSiti Suhailah2C1
Logistics IC Foo Ricci 2C1
Logistics 2ICEsther Yeo2C1

Programmes & Activities

    • Regular training
    • Fitness training
    • Refereeing sessions
    • Friendly games
    • VIA projects
    • Netball Camp
    • North-Zone Netball Competitions
    • Daisy Tan Carnivals
    • T-Net Netball Competition