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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC)

"To nurture and develop our youths into resilient and responsible citizens

through innovative and challenging Civil Defence activities."

About the CCA

National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) is a National Uniformed Group under the purview of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Civil Defence Force.

NCDCC believes in developing and empowering our youths to be active and concerned citizens with life-saving skills. NCDCC began its journey eleven years ago, with the focus to develop greater awareness of civil defence in our cadets and prepare them with the skills to respond effectively to emergencies at home and abroad. The attitude of readiness against adversity and practical skills which are critical in the face of danger and emergencies are life-long capabilities that our young civil defence ambassadors can have.

NCDCC’s motto of “We Learn, We Lead, We Serve”, in alignment with the three big ideas in Character and Citizenship Education: “Identity, Relationships, and Choices”, well encapsulates the journey of NCDCC cadets into three phases: 

NCDCC_about the CCA.png

NCDCC cadets always strive to Learn as many skills and acquire as much knowledge as possible so as to be able to Lead fellow cadets and ultimately become responsible leaders in the community. They will then in turn Serve the society as a whole.  The learning cycle will continue to evolve to a higher plane of achievement.


Student Executive Committee

Unit Sergeant Major

Kho Kai Wen

Assistant Sergeant Major

Shuqri Bin Shaifuddin

Foot Drill IC

Rohaizat Bin Mat Sobri

Logistics IC

Chang Wan Qing Belle

Administrative IC

Khoo Wei Siang 

Safety IC

 Danish Khairulfikri B Jais

Year One OIC

Ho Chun Kiat Kenneth 

Year Two OIC

Muhammad Nur Solihin B Rostam 
Programmes & Activities

  1. Campcraft Proficiency
  2. Fire Safety Proficiency
  3. First Aid Proficiency
  4. Footdrill Proficiency
  5. HazMat Proficiency
  6. Rescue Proficiency
  7. Total Defence (Bronze, Silver, Gold) Badge Work
  8. SANA Badge Work
  9. CPR Proficiency
  10. Civil Defence Knowledge Badge Work
  11. Community Engagement Badge Work
  12. Kayaking Courses
  13. Specialisation Courses: Fire Safety/Medical Response/Urban Search And Rescue
  14. Advanced Specialisation Courses
  15. DART Base Visit
  16. Overseas Educational Visits
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