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National Cadet Corps (Sea)

"Nurturing, Committed, Cool" 

About the CCA

Today the National Cadet Corps (NCC) is one of the biggest uniformed group in the MOE family of Uniformed Groups with a wide variety of programmes. NCC syllabus not only consists of adventure training but also the opportunity to participate in many overseas trips e.g. International Sea Cadet Exchange Program (ISCEP) and  Midshipman Training Deployment (MSTD) etc.

Student Executive Committee
MSG Cephas Kang 3S1
MSG Muhammad Fazli 3B1
SSG Muhammad Iskandar 3S2
SSG Myron Then 3B1
SSG Mohd Firdaus 3B1

Programmes & Activities

  • 1 and 2 Star Kayaking Proficiency Award
  • Archery
  • Adventure Camps
  • Handling of SAR 21
  • Speedball/Paintball
  • Street Soccer Competition
  • Visits to RSN Ships
  • International Sea Cadets Exchange Programme
  • Midshipman Sea Training Deployment
  • Sea Sortie
  • Dragonboating
  • Freestyle Drill
  • Orienteering Competition


  • 2011 - Silver
  • 2010 - Silver
  • 2009 - Bronze
  • 2008 - Bronze

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