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"Onward & Persevere"
About the CCA

Mediatech Club provides audio and visual support to the school. Regular training sessions are provided to members to equip them with the relevant skills in operating technical equipment. Members are involved in daily morning assembly duties as well as in major school events such as Chinese New Year Celebration, OP Idol, Speech Day, National Day Commemoration, Teachers’ Day celebration, Graduation Day, etc. It is the duty of the club members to make sure that daily AVA support for morning flag-raising assemblies, lower or upper secondary weekly assemblies run smoothly. 

Message from Teacher IC

Our club consists of responsible members who will always do their best to provide swift and reliable services. Regular team building activities are carried out during CCA days to promote understanding of team dynamics and improve team work.  Come join us and be a part of this winning team!

Student Executive Committee

Chairperson 1 Lee Zhi Hui
Chairperson 2 Stevanus Williem
Secretary Ricky Zandani B Wayne Hasvian
Student Trainer Lucas Tan Wai Loong
Student Trainer Anaban Chivalry Izon Nopuente
Welfare Pyae Sone Khin Lily
Welfare Teo Jia Hao
Junior Leader Lin Ting Wei
Junior Leader Emily Sarah Tomlins

Programmes & Activities

The club excites our members in a fun and meaningful way by engaging them in information and communication technology (ICT) and audio and visual  (AV) tools. Through the use of these tools, potential in leadership and entrepreneurial spirit can be uncovered. Our members are trained in:

  • Developing Apple’s iPhone’s apps
  • Creating cool animation using Flash program
  • Videography
  • Digital Photography
  • AVA Support Knowledge and Skills


There will also be opportunities to participate in numerous inter-school and national competitions.