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About the CCA

In hockey, we aim to foster among our boys a love for the game and the correct attitudes to face the challenges of life.

We believe that every child has the potential to excel in the game if they are willing to work hard. We are constantly looking to expose our boys to the game at every level, encouraging them to play train with external clubs and the National teams.  

We believe strongly in the development of our student leaders. Potential leaders are given opportunities to display and develop their leadership skills, working independently or in teams, to fulfil the full potential of the team.

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Message from Teacher IC

We welcome students who are initiated, energetic, eager to learn and who are hungry for success to come and try out in the sport. A strong passion for the sport is paramount.

We believe the passion and discipline are the ladders to success. Passion drives learning and pushes one to better oneself. Discipline ensures one stays on the right path towards excellence, it is that which keeps us moving forward when the going gets tough. Together, they will bring success in one’s life.

Student Executive Committee

   B Division


Student Class
Captains Muhammad bin Razali   4A3  
  Lee Suphagrid    3A1  

Vice Captains

Tan Zhi Kai

 Muhd Danial bin Rahimi

Pyae Sone Kyiaw 
 Ex-co members Raphael Hon    4S1
   Naamras Singh   4A3
   Muhd Haziq Bin Muhd H  3C1
   Muhd Nur Syahmi Bin Effendi   3A3

   C Division

Appointment Student Class
Ahmad Erfan Bin Rahimi   2A1
 Vice CaptainYap Wee Lee  2B1 
Ex-co members Lim Jing Xuan 2A4
 Ilhan Aqil Bin Mohd F 2B1 

Programmes & Activities
 1.       C Division Inter-school Championship
 2.       B Division Inter-school Championship
 3.       SHF Inter-school Plate/Bowl Competition (B and C Divisions)
 4.       Hockey Youth Liga
 5.       National Youth Achievement Award
 6.       Involvement in Singapore Hockey Federation and Community projects.

Past & Present Achievements:

Student/team  Year in OPSS Achievement
Muhd Shafiq Bin Abdul  Rashid   2006 - 2010    
  • National Men’s Hockey Team (YOG 2010)
  •  National Men’s Hockey Team 2013 (SEA Games Silver Medalist) 
  •  National Men’s SEA Games Indoor Hockey Team 2017
Lee Suphagrid 2015 -
  • National U14 Hockey Squad
  • National U16 Hockey Squad
Haziq Bin Hanafi   2015 -
  • National U14 Hockey Squad
  • National U16 Hockey Squad 
 Nufail Raiyan B Abu Bakar 2015 - 
  • National U16 Hockey Squad 
B Division 2017  2017  
  • SHF Inter-school Plate tournament (Champions) 
 C Division 2015 2015  
  • SHF Inter-school Plate tournament (Champions)