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Environmental Club

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – We Can All Make A Difference"

About the CCA

The Environmental Club was set up in 1995 with one purpose in mind. To inculcate in students our responsibility towards our environment. Students learn to take action and know that their every effort counts towards making our planet a better place for future generations.

Student Executive Committee

Chairman Lee Ming Suan 3S2
Vice Chairman Lua Meng Ting 3A3
Committee Member Brandon Yap 2A1
Committee Member Low Wan Ning 2A2
Committee Member Ng Kai Ling Lurvin 2A2
Committee Member Yah Jing Yan 2A2


2010 3R Award Bronze
2010 Community in Bloom Award Silver
2010 Green Audit Award Palm
2011 3R Award Silver
2012 Community in Bloom Award Gold

Programmes & Activities

  • Recycling activities
  • Student Leadership Training Workshops
  • School Competitions
  • Educational Talks
  • Gardening (EcoGarden, Hydroponics)
  • Community Involvement Program
  • Community Outreach.