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Dance Club

About the CCA

Dance Club is an exclusive CCA that specializes in using Modern Dance as a genre in dance trainings.

Modern dance is a genre that is frequently influenced by different dance styles such as acro, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, and hip-hop.

In this CCA, students are exposed to the basics and history of modern dance, a platform for students to explore creative movements. Students will be able to express creatively through dance and trainings will be focused on building self-confidence, awareness, as well as techniques to master this form of art.

Student Executive Committee

Chairperson Peh Yi Jing 3A2
 Vice Chairperson  Guo Wen 3B1


2007 My School Rocks! -
2007 SYF International
2009 SYF International Dance Silver
2011 SYF International Dance Silver
2007 Danceworks! 3rd in place
2009 Danceworks! Participation

Programmes & Activities

  • Regular Dance Trainings
  • Performances
  • Competitions
  • Camps
  • Enrichment Courses
  • Community Involvement Programmes
  • Dance Excursions