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Joaquim Chorale

"United Warm Melodious"

About the CCA

The Choir was established in 1999 when the school began. Since then, the choir has matured musically and grown in strength. It performs regularly in school events, as well as in public performances.

The Choir has been participating in the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging of Choirs since 2001. In 2009, through hardwork and perseverance, the choir was awarded the prestigious Gold Award. In 2012, the choir was also awarded the Colours Award for their consistent achievements in the SYF.

The Choir had the opportunity to perform in many school and public events such as the National Day Parade in 2005, Community Concert at Singapore General Hospital in 2008 Choral Exchange Programme in Brisbane, Australia in 2010 and Joaquim Chorale Public Concert at Republic Polytechnic in 2010.

Message from Teacher IC

Our choir members join the choir because they have very strong love and passion for music and singing. The choir training develops them musically. But most importantly we hope to instil the following values in them through choir training.


  • in executing the assigned task during training and organizing special projects. 
  • in managing their studies and CCA commitments. 


  • in attending every choir practice punctually. 
  • in mastering the music pieces and completing given task. 


  • as an individual and a performer. 


  • in appreciating the efforts put by fellow choir members, teachers, alumni and most importantly, the choir instructor, Ms Grace. 


2003 SYF Silver
2005 SYF Silver
2007 SYF Bronze
2009 SYF Gold
2011 SYF Silver
 2013SYFCertificate of Accomplishment
2015SYFCertificate of Accomplishment


Joaquim Chorale has been actively participating in major school events such as Speech Day, Teachers’ Day and the school’s 15th Anniversary Concert.

Apart from school events, we have 
    • performed at the Chijmes Hall 
    • participated in community programmes such as performing for the One Community Walk 2015 at Canberra Community Centre and for the Charity Carnival organized by NTU.
    • organized and staged a Public Concert at TRCC in Nov 2016

Student Executive Committee

President Annabel Tee Zi Qi 3S2
Vice-President Amanda Loh Wen Yee 3A2
Secretary Lin Hui Ting Jobelle 3A1
Librarian Nichola Aina Manansala Rosario 3A1
Logistics Yee Wei Teck Nicholas 3A2

Programmes & Activities

Go through vocal and music training 
Perform for school and public events 
Perform for own choir concert 

Participate in: 

  • Choral workshop / master class 
  • Excursion to watch other school / professional group concerts 
  • Choir camps 
  • Inter-school exchange  programme 
  • Overseas competition/ exchange programme 
  • Community involvement programme