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Boys' Brigade

"Sure and Steadfast"

About the CCA

Our Story
The Boys' Brigade has spread across the world since our formation in 1883 in Scotland. Today, we have grown as a youth organisation with over half a million members worldwide.

Founder of The Boys’ Brigade
about1.pngWilliam Alexander Smith was born on 27 October 1854 at Pennyland House, Thurso, Scotland.  His father and grandfather had been officers in the Army.  Young William began work as a clerk in his uncle's business in Glasgow at the age of 15 and in his teens enrolled in the 1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers.  He became a Major, commanded its Mounted detachment and left the Volunteers as a Lieutenant Colonel.  William A. Smith started The Boys' Brigade in 1883 and became its full time Brigade Secretary.  King Edward VII knighted him in July 1909 for his work in The Boys' Brigade.  During a BB Executive meeting in London, he fell ill and passed away two days later on the morning of 10 May 1914.  Founder's Day is observed on the last Sunday of each October.  What he lived for - "If I am to be remembered by posterity, I should like it to be as the man who taught people to spell Boy with a capital B."  Royal Tribute - King George VI said of our Founder : "Sir William Smith, builded better than he knew, for he started not only a great movement but one from which all our present widespread youth training was destined to spring..."  

Programmes & Activities

Company Level: 
Badge-work is being taught at parade held on Wed/Sat each week. The different badge-work being taught is aimed at developing our Boys to be well equipped in their growing up years as a youth.   These badge-work consists of Drill which focuses on DISCIPLINE, Leadership/Adventure Camp which focuses on LEADERSHIP (Public speaking, leading, & planning etc) & OUTDOOR SURVIVAL SKILLS (Tent-pitching, outdoor cooking & navigation etc.)

We also focus on Citizenship and Community Service which aims at helping the Boys grow in their character & learning to serve in their different capacities in the community.

We also set aside regular games time in parade to have fun with the Boys. Occasionally, we planned for company outings out of school.

National Level: 
National events and competitions give our Boys an opportunity to interact not only with the Boys in their own company but also with other Boys as a part of the larger BB Community as a whole.

Competitions like BB Adventure Quest promote characteristics of adventure, teamwork, endurance, fighting spirit and winning through fair means. 

Annually, every Boy also participates in BB-Share-A-Gift (BBSG) which is focus on reaching out to the community.


JM Fraser:
  • 2008  – Silver Award
  • 2009  – Silver Award 
  • 2010  – Bronze Award 
  • 2011  – Silver Award 

BB AQ Results:
  • 2008  – Silver Honour Roll 
  • 2009  – Silver Honour Roll 
  • 2010  – Bronze Honour Roll 
  • 2011  – Silver Honour Roll 
  • 2012  – Gold Honour Roll (10th position) 

BB CQ Results:
  • 2008  – Silver Honour Roll 
  • 2009  – Silver Honour Roll 
  • 2010  – Bronze Honour Roll 
  • 2011  – Silver Honour Roll 
  • 2012  – Silver Honour Roll 

Founders’ Man Award: 
SSG Sean Wee 
SSG Goh Wei Qi 
SSG John Nayan 
WO Kang Kee Ching 
WO Joel Heng 

SSG William Ding 
SSG Ian Tan 
WO Goh Chang Hee 
WO Darrel Lim 

WO Joel Ong 
WO Ng Yan Jun 

WO Kee Da Wei 
WO Ho Pang Xun, Gerald