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Art Club

"Every Child is an Artist --Pablo Picasso

About the CCA

The Art Club was started in 2002 in Orchid Park Secondary School to cultivate a love and appreciation for the visual arts in every member of the club. We aim to reach out to the community by engaging in various community projects. The Art club members are also tasked to produce art pieces as corporate gifts, for fund-raising as well as to beautify the school environment. Through the weekly sessions of fun filled activities, we hope to foster a strong sense of belonging as well as develop positive values in all members.

Student Executive Committee

Chairman Angela Low Sam-Ting 4A3
Vice Chairman Ang Xiang Ting 4S1
Secretary Choong Kit Wen 4A3
Treasurer Tai Jing Rong 4A2
Sec 3 IC Siti Umairah Bte Ahmad Zaidi 3A1
Sec 3 2ICMa Ei Pwint Phyu Aung3A1 
Sec 2 IC Low Xiao Wei Willy 2A4
Sec 2 2ICSarah Lean Yu Teng2A1
Sec 1 IC Hninn Mary Han 1A2

Programmes & Activities

Art Club aims to provide a platform for all members to engage in the following possible  art forms:

2 D Art Forms

3 D Art Forms

Digital Art Form

Print Making



Batik Painting



Charcoal Drawing


Adobe Photoshop

Watercolour Painting


Art Club members will get to organise school art exhibitions as well as participate in various Art competitions throughout the year. As part of the effort to cultivate an appreciation for the visual arts, Art Club members will visit the local art exhibitions at the different museums.

For our outreach programmes in the year 2012, Art Club have collaborated with Singapore ArtScience Musuem and Dyslexia Association of Singapore to conduct print making workshops for the public as well as primary school students.