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OPSS Distinctive/Special programmes

General Synopsis of NT Committee’s Programmes & Events

The NT Committee endeavours to empower students of the Normal stream by honing their self-management and leadership skills. The aim is to help develop them into engaged learners and concerned individuals who can contribute to the society, through alternate modes of learning. Programmes and events are thus carefully thought out, selected, reviewed, and enhanced to provide our students with the opportunities to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that would be beneficial to them.

1Learning Journey at Singapore Sports Hub Sec. 1NT
2Theatre ExperienceSec. 2NT
KidsRead students
3KidsRead at Huamin Primary School Sec. 2NA & 2NT 
 4 T.O.P. (Shine Programme)  Sec. 1 & 2
5Elective Modules Sec. 3NT 
6Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Sec. 3NT 
 7 Learning Journey & Job-Shadowing at Pan Pacific Hotel  Sec. 4NT

Theatre Experience – 2N(T) & KidsREADers

Students of Secondary 2N(T), and those from the KidsREAD programme made a trip to the Esplanade to attend a play – “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time”.

The aim was to inculcate in them theatre etiquette, expose them to a live theatre performance, and to promote cultural awareness and empathy towards individuals who may be deemed different from the main social group in our society.
Exposure to Performing Arts 1.jpg
Exposure to Performing Arts 2.jpg

KidsREAD @ Huamin Primary School – 2N(A) & 2N(T)

OPSS collaborates with Huamin Primary School and the National Library Board to conduct the KidsREAD Programme.

It is a reading programme that promotes the love for reading and cultivates good reading habits among some of the Secondary 2 N(A) and N(T) students from our school and the Primary 1 and 2 students at Huamin Primary School who are involved in the programme.

The Programme allows our students to develop in many areas, which include:
Communications skills
Leadership skills
Problem-solving skills
Decision-making skills

Time-Out Programme (Shine Programme) – Sec 1, 2 & 3

Time-Out Programme aims to give our students time away from their regular classes so that they can sort out their thoughts and emotions to develop coping strategies, and build relationships with significant adults in school. The goal of such programmes is to eventually facilitate our students in returning to normal school life.
The NT Committee collaborated with the school counsellor, and liaised with external vendors to customise activities and infuse elements in the programme to help the stude
nts develop skills and positive character traits.

Elective Modules (EMs) – 3N(T)

For the whole of Semester One, the Secondary 3N(T) students took up one of the two elective modules that were offered to them – DJ Spin Master and Sports and Wellness. Through Elective modules, our students acquire new knowledge in new fields. The exposure will help them discover their strengths, interests and preferences of disciplines so that they can make more informed decision when they choose their respective post-secondary education after ‘N’-level examinations.

DJ Spin Master 1.jpg
DJ Spin Master 2.jpg
DJ Spin Master 3.jpg
Sports & Wellness 1.jpg
Sports & Wellness 2.png
Sports & Wellness 3.png

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme

The NFTE programme is a collaboration between our school and an external organisation, Halogen. It is conducted in-house for the Secondary 3N(T) students to enable them to engage in inquiry-based and applied learning. They had to pose critical questions to themselves as potential entrepreneurs, find ways to answer them and create an end-product for it. By the end of the programme, they will present it in the form of a business sales pitch to a panel of business professionals.

This programme helps develop numerous skills and positive personality traits in our students, such as innovation, problem-solving skills, oracy, and many more.

Learning Journeys

In line with our Education Minister’s call to schools to promote joy for learning and strengthen our Singapore spirit in our citizens, the NT Committee organised a number of learning journeys for our students of various levels and streams to widen their exposure, broaden their knowledge, and heighten their sensitivity in the jobs the personnel in various industries do.

Learning Journey @ Sports Hub – 1N(T)

Students of the Secondary 1N(T) went on a full guided-tour that took them across the 35 hectares of Sports Hub. They got to explore the indoor air-conditioned Climb Wall, had exclusive entry into the National Stadium and other facilities. The tour also included a visit in the Singapore Sports Museum, giving the students the chance to learn about our Sporting heroes.

The learning journey helped our students understand how the Sports Hub plays a critical role in promoting a healthy living culture in Singapore.

Sports Hub 1.jpg
Sports Hub 2.jpgSports Hub 3.jpg

Learning Journey and Job-Shadowing @ Pan Pacific Hotel – 4N(A) & 4N(T)

About 120 Secondary 4 students visited the Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore.

The aim of the trip was to expose the students to and familiarise them with the hospitality industry and the jobs that are available in the industry in Singapore.

Some 15 students also got an opportunity to be attached to and learn from the seasoned staff there for a week to have a deeper understanding of the job scopes of some work areas in the hotel, and try their hands on them.