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LLP CYL - Community OutReach Education (CORE)

The CORE programme develops our Community Youth Leaders (CYL) to be advocates for causes which they are passionate about.  Driven by the school mission to develop students to be resourceful and confident individuals who are compassionate to their fellowmen, CORE works towards building student leadership, particularly through community engagement.

Criteria for application
1.    All DSA applicants should 

•  have a keen interest and passion in leading their peers in service learning and community engagement;

•  exhibit positive attitude and commitment towards learning and community service 

2.    Students who have experience or would like to embrace opportunities in the following areas may apply:

•  Local and/or overseas service learning

•  Community outreach 

•  Student leadership
3.    All students enrolled through DSA will lead their peers in cohort level service learning projects. 

4.    All successful DSA applicants are expected to initiate and champion at least one service learning project that impacts the community, during their secondary education with OPSS.

5.    DSA (CYL) is not a CCA. All students enrolled through DSA (CYL) are expected to take up a CCA. They are expected to remain in the programme for DSA (CYL) throughout their secondary education with OPSS.

6.    Please note that meeting all the criteria does not guarantee the student will be 
    accepted into the programme.

Contact person

Mr Daniel Chua 
Email: chua_c_t_daniel@schools.gov.sg

Miss Chin Kean Kean
Key Personnel overseeing DSA(CYL)

Email: chin_kean_kean@schools.gov.sg
Updates on 5th May '21'