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DSA Visual Arts

The *Visual Art programme in Orchid Park Secondary School aims to develop an artist in every child. Through reaching out to the community and engaging in various community projects such as producing art pieces as corporate gifts, fund-raising and beautifying the school environment, the club hopes to foster a strong sense of belonging as well as develop positive values in all members. 
All students enrolled through DSA Visual Arts will be members of the *CCA, Art Club. They are expected to remain in the Art Club throughout their secondary education with OPSS.

All DSA students will be required to take Art as an elective subject at national examinations in secondary 4/5. There will be interim review on their progress and their Art results will be closely monitored throughout their 4/5 years in the school. 

All DSA students will participate in special projects and service learning under Art Department’s social outreach programme. Being an Enhance Art Proggramme school, all DSA students (at secondary 3) will participate in special projects organised by the Arts Education Branch, Student Development Curriculum Division, MOE. Under EAP, they will be given extra opportunities to participate in the annual Incubation Lab project (ILEAP) that is organized every November. 

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Criteria for Visual Art

P6 students who meet the following criteria may apply:

1) A member of their primary school’s CCA in Visual Art or equivalent
Have participated/represented in school/self in a Visual Art competition
Have the following attributes:
- Display a strong interest and aptitude for the Visual Arts 
- Ability to collaborate and work in teams
- Participated in relevant activities in Visual Arts (if any) 
2)    Others
  - Conduct grade of at least ‘Very Good’ in his/her Primary 5 and Primary 6 school report 

* Please note that meeting all the criteria does not guarantee the student will be shortlisted/given an offer.

Additional information: 

1. Shortlisted applicants will be required to take a Visual Art task assessment for DSA admission consideration and go through an interview. During the interview, other evidences of visual art talent, such as portfolios of the applicant’s original artwork, should be showcased to the interview panel. Please bring the originals only.

Supporting documents to bring for the interview:
1. Achievements in Art (exhibitions, competitions and/or art-related awards) 
2. Original portfolio 
3. Referral / recommendation letter by school (if any) 

Contact Person

Mdm Sharon Teo 
ST Art
Email:  teo_li_keng_sharon@schools.gov.sg