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DSA Leadership

In Orchid Park Secondary School, our mission is to nurture and develop every student to become an engaged *leader so that they can lead and serve with compassion.
We believe that every student can be nurtured to be a leader to lead themselves and/or others and we desire our Orchidians to achieve the following outcomes:
An Orchidian with a ‘can do’ attitude who has initiative and volunteers
An Orchidian with a positive outlook who is able to rally others to work towards set goals
An Orchidian who is resourceful and perceptive
An Orchidian who fosters collaboration and values diverse views
An Orchidian who is compassionate towards their fellow men

DSA Leadership is not a CCA. All students enrolled through DSA leadership are expected to take up a CCA. They are expected to serve in the school’s student councilthroughout their secondary education with Orchid Park Secondary School.

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P6 students who meet the following criteria may apply:

1) Students who have experience in leadership:
- Held leadership position(s) in their primary school e.g. Prefects, CCA Leaders/Captains, Class Monitors, NE Ambassadors etc.
- Led or co-organised in school, cohort or class activities
2) Others:
- Conduct grade of at least ‘Very Good’ in his/her Primary 5 and Primary 6 school report

* Please note that meeting all the criteria does not guarantee the student will be shortlisted/given an offer.

Contact person

Ms Shaikha
Student Council teacher-in-charge
Email:  shaikha_nur_hajibah@schools.gov.sg